What Is Meant? How To Use Tool Google Bot Activity Last Ninety (90) Days Graph In Webmaster Tools

In Google Webmaster is the best tools for blogger and mostly used for increase the blog ranking and blog traffic when webmaster is use this tool for your Blog or Website they increase their blog ranking in few days i am going to familiar with you by using this best features. Googlebot is very effective thing when google crawl your site daily basis your ranking is improve in search engine and you get more visitors from search engine.

What Is Googlebot?

Googlebot is a machine or programmed which is crawl your site on daily basis when you post a content on your site regularly when you are not posting your site few days googlebot is forget you and removed about your blog information in its mind and blog is decrease in search results. 

I show you how to crawl your data by submitting your blog URL to googlebot to crawl your content or receive huge traffic from search results. Google is smart and manage millions of blog with your machines. To crawling your data i have already post many articles but this is new tips and tricks for better ranking if you get more visitors you can also increase Alexa Global Ranking or Google Search Engine Ranking when you make links with Google then you definitely get more visitors now i am going to start my tutorial about Googlebot Crawlers.

 How I Can Use Crawlers And Indexing Tool In Blogger

When you have daily posting on your blog then you should submit sitemap of your blog daily. And if your blog is less traffic or you are not post on your blog daily then  your old post can also work by updating. Means use these tips its really works because i also do same thing because my blog ranking is very good in starting of 2013 but due to study or work some how i can not update my blog daily and i lost my visitors on my blog then i was disappointed and after some refreshment i will come back on my blog and then work with some tips and it is really effective for me. This tips also work for new bloggers.

What Is Meant? How To Use Tool Google Bot Activity Last Ninety (90) Days Graph In Webmaster Tools
 Google Bot Activity Last Ninety (90) Days

Tutorial Is Starting Below:

When your blog is old and you can forget your blog posting daily then this tips or techniques for your blog is works and get you a good results with your blog. Go to Google webmaster tools if you are not login already and when you are loged in use below points.

How To Increase Index Status In Webmaster Tools Tricks For Better SEO

Go To  Google Webmasters Tools.
Go To Your Added Site Or Blog by click on your desire blog.
Go To Crawl links and click on it.
Go to Crawl Stats And Check it now and take a print of your crawl stats graph.
Go to Fetch as Google link or click on it which is located below Crawl Stats.
Fetch As Google Bot
When you click Fetch As Google you can see this type of screen which is given above picture.
Now pick up your post url which is get more visitors means like i have get more visitors with below link.

You Put Chitika Ads to Blogger Blogspot with Simple Steps | Trick Of Blogging

Now get only url of your blog post like below link.


Now left your homepage url.


Which is highlighted above with blue color.
Just past your url in the box and click on Fetch Red Button.
When Googlebot is fetch your blog post url completely then they asked to submit for index.
Then Click on Submit To Index.

Click On Sumbit For Fetching To Google Bot

When you click on Submit to Index one new page is appear which asked you how to crawl with links or without links means you see to points just go with 1st one and click on Ok button.
Now after doing this your blog post is Fetch by Google and your blog is get refresh and this means you make a new post on your blog and you submit it by Google for indexing it same as when you submit your sitemap.
Now one thing is more when you do this tricks then don't forget to submit your sitemap again by visiting Sitemap link. I have also tips how to add sitemap of your blog in Google or Yahoo search engine.

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