Drive Traffic To Your Blog Website By Using Or Surfing To Social Sites To Get Google Rank

Increase website / blog is the most important part of blogging, because you can not make money through blogging until you have enough traffic. Getting traffic is one of the hardest things for new bloggers because they do not have any idea where they could get free traffic to their blogs. Google and other major search engines do not send more traffic to your new blog. So if you want to receive more traffic to your blog for free, you have to try some traffic website before talking about generating traffic to your blog through this blog above, I would like to suggest you to publish some helpful articles on the blog you, so that when people visit your blog, they can bookmark your website as a useful site for future use. It will help you to get more repeat visitors to easily and quickly. Okay now I'm going to talk about some of the top traffic generating websites that can help you drive traffic easier .

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1. YouTube:

YouTube can send more than a thousand visitors per day for free if you upload some original videos on popular topics. After uploading your video you can insert your website link in the video description area. If you upload more than 100 videos on relevant topics, you can see amazing results. You can also make money by uploading the original video on YouTube.

2. Stumbleupon:

Stumbleupon basically is a social bookmarking site that allows users to find content of interest using their web search engine. If you want to drive traffic to your blog from Stumbleupon, you must add at least 8 to 10 popular and relevant tag every time you bookmark any links.

3. Pinterest:

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Website By Using Or Surfing To Social Sites To Get Google Rank
Drive Traffic Using Or Surfing To Social Sites
Pinterest can send send massive traffic if your image is re-pinned pinned by many people. Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networking sites .

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4. Facebook:

You can drive thousands of free and paid traffic from Facebook. If you have money, you can advertise your website or Facebook Fan Page Facebook uses Advertising. It will help you to get quick results. If you do not have the money, you still can drive massive traffic to your site. Just create a Facebook page from your website and promote your page to get a real Facebook fans. Once you've got more than 10,000 fans on your Facebook fan page, you can get free traffic to your blog. You can expect a 3% to 5% of visitors per update. I mean, if you update your wall, you can expect 300 to 500 unique visitors per post.

5. Twitter:

Twitter also helps users to drive traffic. If you have an active twitter followers, you can drive traffic from the high amount of traffic your Twitter account .

6. Feedburner:

If you turn your feed using Feedburner then you can drive more visitors from your feed.

7. Google Plus:

Google plus send traffic for free if you have a large circle on Google plus profile and Google Plus PT.

8. Digg:

Digg is a leading social bookmarking site that can send thousands of free traffic per day. If you bookmark delivered dugg by at least 50 to 60 digg users, you can expect hundreds of visitors per day .

9. Reddit:

Very similar to Digg and large to generate free traffic .

10. Prlog:

Prlog basically is a press release site that helps users to remove their news. Premium Members can drive hundreds of visitors per day. Free shipping is also allowed but require verification telepon.Saya please, if you use all of the site on a regular basis, you can drive more than a thousand unique visitors per day. These sites may send a free blog traffic. I think if you work at least 2-3 hours a day on these sites, you will start a blog to receive traffic from these sites easily.

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