Which Website | Blogger Name Give Best CPC | CTR To Make Money With Google Adsense

In this tutorial i will show you how get best Website or Blog name to make more money. It is very simple because website or blog name is very effective on your Google Adsense Ads CPC. When you use high Niche then you also get High CTR or CPC. Like i give you some example if you want to run a blog or website with common words then you can not achieve high Click Through Rate because it is already common keywords which is used by million people on their website or blog. But if you use Good and effective keywords by using Adsense keywords then you make this easily. But i want to tell you how you can get best name of your website which you want to purchase or make money through your website by putting Adsense Ads or other Affiliate Programme ads or Affiliate Banners.

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Best Paying Website or Niche Name For Make More Dollars:

I am blogging since 2010 on my WordPress Blog which name is Marketing Most. I am just 18 when i start blog on my website i give some best tips and techniques on my blog about Marketing Strategy and Marketing Ideas. After this i also make blog on Career when i realize that these are the perfect name to make more money i also make about 50 dollars in a day with my these website using Google Adsense ads.
Which Website | Blogger Name Give Best CPC | CTR To Make Money With Google Adsense
Which Website | Blogger Name Give Best CPC | CTR To Make Money With Google Adsense

Now Start Our Tutorial:

If you want to make more and more money using these types of ads because Google Adsense is the one of the best paying advertising company which pay their advertiser good. I also believe if some one make a beautiful blog about Marketing or Career then they also get approval from Google Adsense immediately and make dollars in few days.

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I suggest you when ever you want to buy your Custom Domain Name then always choose the best Niche name. I tell you what type of Website name you should choose.


These are the best name or worthfull name which pay you best CPC after using Google Ads.

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